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Do you accept installment for the courses?



No installment scheme provided for the courses. Once the payment



accepted, course can go on.



Do you provide extra service?



Any sex activities such as masturbation, body to body massage, nude,



prostitution are not allowed in this premise.







Do you accept cheque or credit card?


  All services and courses are to be paid by cash only.  


Can we get back our money if not completing the course?

  There is strictly no refunds of all fees paid after commencement of the  








How good is your privacy of your massage center?



This is 100% privacy so that you are in discreet condition.








Do I be able to get finished the course?


  You will be tested with practical test to get completed the course.  


How long does it take to complete the course?



It is totally up to you, as it is dependant on your self motivation. One student


  finished the course in 3 sessions ( 1 session is up to 2 hours or 1 day = 4  


sessions ) while some have taken up to 12 sessions.






What is actually Malay Massage?


  Malay massage is a deep-tissue bodywork that aligns the connective tissues to promote a smooth circulation of
  blood around the entire system.
9. What is actually Manhood Therapy Massage?
  In traditional Malay communities, it is encouraged to raise families with many children. Therefore, reproductive
  health is a prerogative of all men and women. In the ancient art of Malay massages, the genitalia is massaged
  systematically to maintain optimal sexual performance. Akin to the practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  (TCM), the Manhood Therapy, otherwise known as urut tenaga batin, utilises acupressure points to tonify the
  body and to improve blood circulation around genital area.
10. Can I ejaculate during the treatment of Manhood Therapy?
  Ejaculation is not allowed.This treatment is, however, based on a professional methodical system of massage. It

is not a "happy ending" as other non-professionals stereotypically term it.

11. Does the massage is for all 'types' of men?
  This treatment is for all 'types' of men, regardless of sexual orientation.In Manhood Therapy treatment it is akin to
  maintaining a car. Once the car is sent to the mechanic for maintenance, previous supplies of "older" petrol will be
  discharged, its internal parts oiled and lubricated, and new engine oil refuelled. Then the car will be able to move


on more efficiently and effectively, with optimum performance. So, it is a way for proper, methodical health care


with our reproductive organ, which is either over-used or under-used.


In fact, some of my clients are married men, wanting to improve their low sperm count, and motility of the


sperm to aid in their conceiving of a baby.  




What are the banefits of the Manhood Therapy treatment?


This treatment is to maintain a healthy blood circulation to the reproductive organs and replenishing it with a


renewed supply of blood.


Over a sustained period of time, the Manhood Therapy treatment:


Stimulates harder, stronger, longer-lasting erections


Heightens sensitivity and pleasure during sexual intercourse


Recovers elasticity of urinary tract and seminal tract


Recovers 6,666 veins of the penis

  Promotes smoother seminal ejaculation
  Increases virility and potency
  Enlarges penis size and girth visibly
  Enlarges penis size and girth visibly


Improves sexual stamina

  For men with erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and other related disorders or pain, this treatment, if
  done regularly, is especially helpful.


What oils or creams are used?


For the Manhood Therapy, a special oil is used. It is called Minyak Lintah , an ointment whose main ingredient


is the fat of leeches. Leeches, in the Malay traditional community, is known to bring healing by promoting blood


flow to a genital area according to the traditional herbs recipe, old books and ancient Malay heritage.



Do you perform massage on massage table?


The treatment usually being performed on the floor. In Asian traditions, being connected to the floor means


being firmly grounded to earth, a very important concept in some spiritual paths of having energy transfers and


also to be able to feel and work with the weight resistance offered by the ground when do the deep-tissue




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