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In ancient China, coins and spoons were the tools used in Guasa. This few thousand year old healing therapy that has been proven to produce dramatic improvements in overall health and well-being. Guasa means 'scraping' in Chinese. Don't be too shocked as the skin is not scraped off. For first timers, it could be quite painful but for those used to it, it can be very relaxing.

The method involves a coin or a spoon dipped in liquor or water that is skillfully rubbed across the main acupressure points of the body in gentle strokes. This unique series of strokes provides you with a

massage experience that's simply out of this world. You'll be lulled into a state of complete relaxation as your body quietly reaps the benefits of this curative method. Traditionally the skin is scraped until red

patches appeared to reveal the “problem” but now the scraping board plus guasa oil is used and so this will further lessen the discomfort and redness.

Benefits of Guasa

-to rid their bodies of harmful toxins,

-enhance blood circulation,

-relax the body and strengthen immunity.

-one guasa session will visibly brighten your skin.

-to rid the body of fat or health woes such as gastritis or constipation.

-if done regularly and one may find relief from symptoms such as unexplained fatigue, sluggish, elimination irritated skin, eye bags and even menstrual problems.

Note: Red patches on the skin are a sign of toxins released from body. This usually fades in a day or two.



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