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One way of business that can make a profit.Give services...give a useful service and charge the customer of this service.How it works ? By investing in this knowledge and skills.The most profitable investments in business is an investment for the knowledge skills themselves.

These investments are special because this knowledge and skill cannot lose in any event.It will remain with you.It would be better day by day and also make ourselves more valuable.

Becoming a massage therapist is hot careers with high earning potential.Many part-time massage courses can be completed in 1 week or less.Get your massage career started today!


Be a healer with the power to manipulate the body's structure and influence the complex nervous system.Have the knowledge of non-chemical and non-invasive solutions at your fingertips.This is the hallmark of a skilled massage therapist.Join now to support the need for healthcare professionals!




What will you get?

Notes :

A friendly atmosphere by limiting class sizes.(one student per session)

 'hands on' learning

and practice from your very

first massage course.


Notes :  
1.Take three massage courses for  RM1000(normal fee RM1350) and get a free cupping course (normal cupping course fee RM300)

1. Free video and ebook for massage learning.

2. Learn and enhance your new skills.

3. Improve healthy knowledge.

4. Better relationship.

5. Earn extra income.

6. Start your new interest and new career.   


Type of Courses Fee (RM)-Ringgit Malaysia



Cupping(Hijama)-Bekam Sunnah/Bekam Darah

RM 300.00-per person

  • Introduction and safety guidelines
  • Cupping Point  (sunnah and modern)


  • Practical(fire and hand-pump cupping technique)
  • Practical on blood/wet cupping(blood letting)

Optional: RM300 for

Cupping set 24 cups+1 box of sterile disposable lancets(100 pcs)+Pen Lancet

  • Practical on dry/wind cupping


 *free video for cupping.


 *free mystery gift.


 *free cupping ebook.




Foot reflexology

RM 350.00

  • Introduction


  • Point reflexology


  • Hand technique


  • Practical


*free foot reflexology video for learning.  
*free mystery gift.  



Manhood Therapy-Urutan Tenaga Batin

RM 500.00

  • Theory and practical
  • Real practical(one to one basis)
  • Penis enlargement program


*free natural penis enlargement  and  
   premature ejaculation guide  
*free mystery gift.  

MalayTraditional Massage-Urutan Tradisional Melayu

RM 500.00

  • Introduction
  • Hand technique and art of massage


  • Practical


 * free massage video for learning


 * free mystery gift.


 * free traditional massage ebook.


 * free traditional massage video.


 * free traditional thai massage video.



Notes :


*Notes will be given to student.

*Full payment is required before starting any courses.

*Courses are 90% practical.

*Classes are conducted on individually,flexible time, normally in weekend.

*The nearest hotel is  Sun Inns Hotel Puchong 2, {Note: Please select Sun Inns Hotel Puchong 2,Bandar Puchong Utama}
 around 6.5 km/15 minutes drive from here.Reservation ( 603-58790678 ) and GPS coordinate : +2 59' 20.77", +101 37' 13.48"


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greater health.. Don't forget to tell others to check out this site.



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