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One way of business that can make a profit. Start a service business...give a useful service and charge the customer of this service. How it works ? Who can sell a service? The answer is simple--anyone and everyone. Everyone is qualified if we has skills or knowledge that other people are willing to pay for in the form of a service; or they're willing to pay you to teach them your specific skill or knowledge. Selling services knows no boundaries--anyone with a need or desire to earn extra money, work from home, or start and operate a full-time business can sell a service. The most profitable investments in business is an investment for the knowledge skills themselves.


What Are the Advantages of Selling Services?
There are many advantages associated with starting your own business selling services. Perhaps the biggest advantage is you become your own boss, take control of your future, and in effect become the master of your destiny.


These investments are special because this knowledge and skill cannot lose in any event. It will remain with you.It would be better day by day and also make ourselves more valuable. Become a massage therapist is hot careers with high earning potential. Many part-time massage courses can be completed in one week or less.


massage therapy career is an appealing option for many people. If your personality or your professional goals align with you, becoming a massage therapist might be the right career.

The first step to starting a Massage Therapy Business is getting the skills and certified. Next, you will need to decide how you wish to market your establishment. Do you want to focus more on injury recovery or stress relief? Will you be paid directly by clients ? Lastly, you must acquire a base of loyal clients. Learn how to start your own Massage Therapy Business.

Get your massage career started today!

Be a healer with the power to manipulate the body's structure and influence the complex nervous system. Have the knowledge of non-chemical and non-invasive solutions at your fingertips. This is the hallmark of a skilled massage therapist. Join now to support the need for healthcare professionals!







What will you get?

1. Free video and ebook for massage learning.

2. Learn and enhance your new skills.

3. Improve healthy knowledge.

4. Better relationship.

5. Earn extra income.

6. Start your new interest and new career.   


Type of Courses Fees (RM) - Malaysian Ringgit

Blood Cupping(Hijama)-Bekam Sunnah/Bekam Darah

RM 500.00-per student / personal coaching


What will you get? 

  • Introduction and safety guidelines

1.Free Blood Cupping Therapy Treatment

  • Cupping Point  (sunnah and modern)
2.Cupping Therapy VCD
  • Practical (fire and hand-pump cupping techniques)

3.Cupping-Therapy-in-Infertility Ebook

  • Practical on blood/wet cupping(blood letting)
4.Hijama Ebook
  • Practical on dry/wind cupping
5.Bekam Ebook
  • Real-world experience practical (one to one basis)

6.Free mystery gift.





Foot Reflexology

RM 750.00 per student / personal coaching


What will you get?

  • Introduction
1.Free Reflexology Foot Massage for 1 hour
  • Reflexology points
2.Simply Reflexology VCD
  • Hand techniques and art of massage
3.Reflexology-notes Ebook
  • Real-world experience practical (one to one basis)
4.The Complete Idiot's Guide to Reflexology
  5.Acupressure & Reflexology For Dummies
  6.Chinese Reflexology Foot Charts
  7.Free mystery gift.



Manhood Therapy Massage-Urutan Tenaga Batin

RM 1000.00 per student / personal coaching


What will you get?

  • Theory and practical
1.Free Manhood Massage Therapy for 1 hour
  • Penis enlargement program
2.Presentation and Excercise of enlarge penis guide video
  • Real-world experience practical (one to one basis)
3.Natural Penis Enlargement Ebook
  4.Ultimate Penis Enlargement Guide Ebook
  5.Manhood-The Rise and Fall of the penis Ebook
  6.The-multi-orgasmic-man Ebook
  7.Penis Massage Chart
  8.Increase Your Sex Drive With Reflexology video
  9.Premature Ejaculation Pressure Point A Secret to Delaying Your Problem video
   10.The Jelqing Manual Ebook
  11.Free mystery gift.

Malay Traditional Massage / Malaysia Signature Massage-Urutan Tradisional Melayu

RM 1500.00 per student / personal coaching


What will you get?

  • Introduction
1.Free Malay Traditional Massage for 1 hour
  • Hand techniques and art of massage
2.Aromatherapy Massage VCD
  • Real-world experience practical (one to one basis)
3.Massage Tutorial Guide-Step by Step VCD
  4.Ancient Massage Of Thai Ebook
  5.Instant Pain Control - Trigger Point Self-treatment (Malestrom) Ebook
  6.Self-Myofascial-Release-Techniques Ebook
  7.Thai Massage Manual Ebook
  8.Thai massage the Thai way - Healing body and mind Ebook


9.The Encyclopedia of Thai Massage - Ebook


10.The Massage Bible Ebook


11.The Massage connection - ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY Ebook

  13.Free mystery gift.



Guasa Massage Therapy-Scrapping Therapy

RM 500.00 per student / personal coaching


What will you get?

  • Introduction
1.Free Guasa Massage therapy
  • Hand techniques and art of guasa massage
2.Video and notes (pdf copy)
  • Real-world experience practical (one to one basis)
3.Guasa Charts
  4.Free mystery gift.

Notes :


* On-site training/learning also available for those who unable to come to our place with additional charges.

* Notes will be given to student.

* Full payment is required before starting any courses.

* Courses are 90% practical @ Hands-on learning-Student will have confidence and get Personal Guidance from instructor.

* Classes are conducted on individually and flexible time-refer.. business time?

Payment Procedure :
* Cash payment
* Bank deposit or online money transfer or PayPal
* Through payment eWallets systems like Touch 'n Go eWallet,Boost eWallet,Grab Pay eWallet and Maybank QRPay
Refund Policy:
Please note that www.urutkampong.com refund policy is that no refund is provided
on course once a course has commenced;withdrawal from 
a course within or after commencement of course leads  
to default of the full course fee.

Notes :

A friendly atmosphere by limiting class sizes.(one student per session),'hands on' learning

and practice from your very first massage course.



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