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                      RxWater Super Aura Dispenser





Water is an extraordinary phenomenon. Its contents and capabilities have yet to be measured accurately or even scientifically. It’s a mysterious element that’s alive and gives life. It’s a transporter, a medium and powerful energizer. It has the capacity to connect, to change its form, affect and programme the physical elements and energy levels in the mind, body and spirit (The MiFiRo Therapy).

The Rx-Water System is an outstanding system which has been created using scientific methods but its design and concept still maintain the natural characteristics which can maximise energy for therapeutic and healing effects as well as raise the level of wellbeing and health to optimum levels.

Rx-Water’s Therapeutic System was discovered by Prof. Dato’ Dr. Noordin Darus,
Malaysia’s famous Wellness Guru and Founder of WorldWellness Network Sdn Bhd, while undergoing treatment for blood cancer. To overcome the severe side effects experienced by him from the strong medication and chemotherapy, he was inspired to develop his own systematic counter-treatment using specially processed water that had the capability to heal his aura and thereby provide an amazing effect on his health and recovery.

He then researched further into all other existing water such as Bottled Mineral Water,
RO (Reverse Osmosis), Energised Water, Pi-Water, O2 Water, Dr.Lorenzo’s Water, Magnetic Water, Alkaline Water, Ionised Water, Clustered Water, MRET (Magnetic Resonance Technology), NEWater and of course Zam-Zam Water. Eventually he found the ideal combination, blending nature and technology, by producing a special energised water called “Rx-Water”. He felt responsible to share his new discovery and started spreading the New Therapy that heals a person’s aura!

Over the years, the Rx-Water Therapeutic System has successfully gained countless positive feedback and amazing testimonies from users all over Malaysia. This unique System has also successfully penetrated the international market including Indonesia, Thailand, Dubai, Brunei, Singapore and the United Kingdom.

Rx-Water is the latest revolution in a 2-in-1 Therapeutic Water Filtration System. It’s a unique innovation by a renown wellness and health expert, Prof. Dato Dr. Noordin Darus.

The latest value-added feature which has been incorporated into its latest System is the Bio-Active Qun-Bamboo Agent, which is the first of its kind in the world and has been patented by WorldWellness Network. Its technology has been adapted from the Ming Dynasty era dating back to 1486 where water from the Emperor’s well was stored in specially selected bamboo. The bio-active nutrients from Bamboo is 10 times more beneficial than charcoal or coal from nutshells. The water is filtered, purified and made safe by the bio-active agent in the Qun-Bamboo which thrives by feeding on bacteria. In addition, it enhances the taste and adds Natural FIR Energy to the water that’s produced.
Biominex Beads then ionise and alkalinise the water, producing water with a pH of 8 to 8.5, while the activated carbon absorbs all undesirable odour, colours and toxic materials including Chlorine.
The Crystal Ball Technology stimulates Energy Transfer and activates natural healing (similar to the Therapeutic Benefits you get from the expensive crystals sold in Crystal Shops).
Rx-Ozone – Rx-Water filters your drinking water, produces nutritional water as well as compact ozonised water that eradicates germs, bacteria, chemicals and undesirable odour during the daily preparation of food and other usage. Its One Touch Technology on its Electronic Plate requires very low power to produce an ozonized effect with a concentration of 0.125-0.255 ppm which is incorporated into Rx-Water. It’s also a fantastic Food Detoxifier & Sterilizer. Among the other functions of Rx-Ozone is that the compacted ozonised water is 3000X stronger than chlorine.
Besides maintaining the freshness in food, Rx-Ozone also eradicates dirt, chemicals, poison, bacteria and viruses. It acts as a powerful and safe sterilizer. It has the capacity to remove foul odour, preservatives, insecticides and pesticides found on vegetables, fruits and other foodstuff (once you immerse them in the ozone rich water). The poisonous chemicals found in vegetables and fruits are among the causes of many health problems.
Explore the amazing benefits offered by Rx-Water’s UNIQUE formula, which produces PURE and EFFECTIVE water that helps enhance your health and overall wellbeing.








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